Merrymeeting’s Black Forest Gateau “Flora” Waite-McNish (Tait’s Bassets) is McNish PLLC’s Junior Morale Officer. The lightning to Chief Morale Officer Norman’s thunder, she is an irrepressibly wiggly bundle of energy and enthusiasm. In that regard, she embodies the Firm’s principle of doing its enthusiastic best for its clients—every single time.

Outside of work hours—and often during work hours—she enjoys High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), indoor parkour, and petty theft. She is also staging in the McNish PLLC kitchen under sous-chef Norman's supervision.

  • PetSmart, Click-A-Trick (Spins and Jumps) (Brunswick, ME)
  • PetSmart, Brain Games (Brunswick, ME)
  • PetSmart, Advanced Training (Brunswick, ME)
  • PetSmart, Intermediate Training (Brunswick, ME)
  • PetSmart, Puppy Training (Brunswick, ME)
Dog Park Admissions
  • Southend Park (Bath, ME)
  • Merrymeeting Dog Park (Brunswick, ME)