McNish PLLC Welcomes Summer Basset Penny von Flop

McNish PLLC is pleased to welcome Penny von Flop to the Firm's inaugural summer basset program.

Following in Chief Morale Officer Norman's pawsteps, Ms. von Flop joins us from Tait's Bassets (Centre Hall, PA). While visiting Maine with her pawrents, she will work with Chief Morale Officer Norman on business development, content marketing, and law firm morale initiatives.

Our summer basset program offers substantive paws-on experience from day one: after all, our bassets are our assets. And in recognition of that, the Firm has offered New York market-beating, legal industry-leading, and thick-cut bacon-feeding compensation for its basset hounds ever since its inception.

If you and your basset hound will be in Maine next summer, we invite your basset hound to apply to our 2022 summer basset program. Email to learn more.

Penny von Flop

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